Transfigurations: A small, self-published collection of my favorite short stories from 2015.

Individual Stories


A Life Worth Living: Big changes lead to bigger results.

An Artist’s Canvas: The beauty of symmetry.

All Thumbs: My embarrassing habit.

A Very Bad Place to Hide: Maybe even the worst.

Amy’s Wish: Blow away the eyelash and make a wish!

An Unlucky Samaritan: Think twice before stopping to help.

Attempts to Repair the Irreparable: How do you move on?

Bad Sex: Has this ever happened to you and your partner?

Bluebirds: Possibly the most reprehensible thing I’ve ever written.

Bluefin: Use caution when poaching an endangered species.

Charles Robert Olevsky: Ever Google yourself?

Coping Mechanisms: Life after losing a husband and a daughter.

Cracks in the Foundation: A relationship on the edge.

Dial Tone: What’s going on with my phone?

Dilation and Evacuation: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Elective Surgery: I just want him to be happy. This website is seriously weird.

Family Tree: A unique family tradition is revealed.

Farm to Table: Fucking hipsters.

For Lena and Clair: Trapped after an earthquake.

He Went Ahead: My friends and I were into urban exploration.

If Anyone Asks: An old farmer notices something about his scarecrow.

In Praise of Our God: A helpful neighbor.

Little Cows: Meet the milkmaid.

Malique, part 1: An older couple adopts a troubled boy.

Medical Issue: What’s the stuff I found on a rock?

My Sister Found the Coolest Thing!: You’ve gotta hear about it.

Nests: Ah, the great outdoors.

Otter: I’ve always wanted to be one.

Pool Cover: I almost drowned when I was 13.

Pray Away: Conversion therapy for deviant behavior.

Prosopagnosia: After an accident, my husband couldn’t recognize us.

Quarry: Trying to beat the heat on a summer day.

Rats in the Barn: An exterminator’s apprentice.

Recycling: Parents try to understand their depressed daughter.

Regarding Danny and Micah Stevenson: Two brothers rely on one another.

Roo: An old man watches a girl grow up.

Ropes: Be careful what you eat.

Safety: Our grandfather was obsessed with it.

Seed of Man, Pollen of Angels: A family tradition.

Skincare Diary: My acne was getting out of hand.

Soft Teeth: A man used to sneak into my room at night.

Still a Family: Two sisters have lunch while waiting for their parents.

Stop Being Such Babies: The woods aren’t scary, for fuck’s sake.

The Blissful Insensate: We are not alone in the space we occupy.

The Cotard Delusion: A new drug has a frightening side-effect.

The Day I Started Believing In Ghosts: I’m still in shock.

The Floor is Lava: We all used to play that game, right?

The Least Satisfying Explanation: And the biggest understatement I’ve made.

The Little Ghost: That nagging voice inside your head.

The Lord of Hosts: Lice

The Old Mine Outside Town: Everyone was too scared to go in. I wasn’t.

The Only Thing That Matters: Zombies attack a supermarket.

The Tomb of the Builders: Horror lurks beneath the waves.

The Wisdom of Moms: Mother knows best.

To the Kind Folks at WebMD: Just a couple questions.

Tunnel Rat: My grandfather told us the worst story I’ve ever heard. Seriously.

Uncle Liam: I never told the real story about how he died.

Walnuts: A true story from a few years ago.

What’s Wrong With My Sister?: Anyone know?

Whistleblower: I can’t keep this secret anymore.

Why I Don’t Hike Anymore: Not what you might think.


A Curious Dog: My dog won’t stop pawing at a wall in the basement.

Alternative Medicine: A wife treats her husband with an old remedy.

Bitumen: A man who loves dinosaurs.

Body Cast: The worst thing that can happen when you’re immobilized.

Centipedes: The other worst thing.

Christmas Morning With Danny and His New Puppy: Danny gets a puppy.

Comfort Food: Anything to help fill that void.

Diary of a Woman in New Hampshire: Found a diary. Wtf.

Division: Nothing is right.

Dumbwaiter: A family learns something about their house.

Fertility Treatments: Some people are desperate to have a baby.

Fluids, part 1: Monique: Just gross.

Great Potential: A lady who loves children.

Instantiations: An AI gets powerful and utilitarianism rears its head.

Licks From a Bear: Skull + electric drill = story.

Malcolm: You know those floaty things in your eyes?

My Constellation: Want to be sad? This will make you sad.

My Sweet Boy: A mom who loves her son.

My Wife, the Artist: A couple who loves Halloween.

Network Security: Two friends get a glimpse of a Russian science lab.

Ouroboros: Why cut when you can cut off?

Pretty Little Bugs: A new job as a cameraman.

Round Faces: My daughter keeps complaining about monsters.

Snapshot of a New Man: Evil (Inspiration for The Coronation Cycles series.)

Teeny-Tiny: Katie wants to lose weight.

The Chernobyl Abomination: My father saw something he shouldn’t have.

The Gray in Girl: A man finds a girl on the side of the road.

Under My Teeth: My mouth is screaming.

Uplift: A brilliant scientist works to improve the human condition.

What He Told Me: Evil (Inspiration for The Coronation Cycles series.)

Wiggle: Claustrophobia, maybe?

Windows to the Soul: A child burns.

Story Series

Tales from Social Media (in progress)

Something horrible is happening to me on Tumblr
Something horrible is happening to me on Facebook
Something horrible is happening to me on Reddit
Something horrible is happening to me on Grindr
Something horrible is happening to me on Google+
Something horrible is happening to me on Myspace

Runners (in progress)

Prelude, 2/2

Slough: part 1
Slough: part 2

Before, 6/6

Far Too Little Progress
Far Too Little Air
Far Too Little Pleasure
Far Too Little Autonomy
Far Too Little Courage
Far Too Little Sanity

Interlude, 1/1

3D Printing

During, 6/6

Far Too Much Blood
Far Too Many Flies
Far Too Many Mushrooms
Far Too Much Distortion
Far Too Many Steps
Far Too Much Sex

After, 4/6

Just Enough Illumination
Barely Enough Contraception
Not Enough Interrogation
Never Enough Bones

Related Evidence, 1/

The Exquisite Pleasure of Physical Degeneration

The Abyssal Plain (in progress)
In our quest to drill for more and more oil, we finally went too deep.

Part 1

Tiny Wet Footprints (in progress)

Part 1     Part 2

Fairfield County (on hold)

Part 1: Lake Mohegan and the Cascades

What I’ve Seen (in progress)
I was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia after experiencing a series of traumatic events. I was told they never really happened. But I know they did.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4
Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8
Part 9

The Coronation Cycles (in progress)
Hers were strategies of disintegration.

Cycle One: The Purpose of Joy
Cycle Two: The First Steps Toward Ascension
Cycle Three: The Christmas Party
Cycle Four: Dashcam Audio Evidence, 01022016
Cycle Five: The Wet Nurse
Cycle Six: The Drooling Womb of the Sky

Sockets (on hold)
Craigslist allows one to meeting interesting people.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3


A Wandering Stream
Extinguish the Stars

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  2. Why are some (recent) stories only listed in these “Pingback” comments?
    Are you not ready to reveal if these new stories belong to a series, or which series they belong to, or where in the timeline of the series they fit in? 😉

    1. Haha just because I haven’t had the time to put the new ones in the Index yet. I don’t think I’ve hidden anything.


  3. Hi,
    I came here from Reddit/Nosleep because of some comments I read about one of your stories that is a couple of years old, Borrasca. I have seen comments about it a few times and was hoping to be able to read it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it on your website.
    If you could please provide me with the link to this series I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sam, Borrasca isn’t mine. It was written by CK Walker.

  4. I can officially say I’ve read everything in the clear index… In a span of a week. When will you be adding your stories from 2017 forward?

  5. Has there been, or will there ever be, a Malique, part 2?

  6. Where the trepanning body horror story at? Licked by a bear or something? wanna link it to my friend. Couldn’t finish reading it myself because it got too disturbing, good job I guess.

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