My Wife, the Artist


Jen and I love Halloween. We go all-out when decorating our house and yard. The neighborhood kids love to see what we put up every year and even their parents are impressed by the scale and sophistication of the decorations we use. We don’t just give out candy, we invite the trick-or-treaters into our home to see our setup. Pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, ghosts – you name it, we’ve got it. Our local newspaper even did a feature on us last year. “A Safe and Spooky Spot for Local Kids.” It wasn’t much more than a fluff piece, but it felt good to have our work celebrated.

A project Jen’s been working on over the last fifteen or so years is her “Halloween Town of Horrors.” It’s the centerpiece of our trick-or-treat trip around the house. The town takes up our whole dining room table and it’s a darker take on those big Christmas villages people like put out in December. The architecture is very Tim Burton-esque; lots of strange looking buildings, exaggerated colors, and blood splatters, while the townsfolk lurk in the shadows like little purple zombies and space aliens. As the years have gone by, Jen’s taken her Halloween town from a couple small buildings to the sprawling, populous nightmare-scape it is today.

This year, Halloween came and went. We had a blast. Jen’s Halloween town was a huge hit. Even adults from around the neighborhood came over to take a look. Jen loved the attention; she wanted to be an artist growing up, but, sadly, it wouldn’t pay the bills. As we cleaned the house, Jen picked up one of the townsfolk dolls. Its clothing had a little tear that needed to be fixed. Sighing good-naturedly, she gathered the rest of them into their box. I love those dolls; their aesthetic works beautifully with the town Jen puts them in. They range in size from a raisin to a lemon; some have distinguishable features, others don’t. It takes a while for her to make each one – between 2 and 5 months – but her effort always yields a product that’s perfect for Halloween. Until she can carry one to term, we both agree they shouldn’t go to waste.

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  2. I am not a native English speaker. At first I didn’t get it, read again. Then I wished, I didn’t read twice…

    An unsettling Stroy.

  3. Oh shit! I was not expecting that at all. Great story twist. I love it.

    1. distractorsaurus-rex says:

      I’m also not a native English speaker, and I don’t get the story. Whats happening?

      1. Ienid Leer says:

        Think again. What takes a woman to make from 2 to 5 months and it’s not carried to term? If you still don’t get it, ask a female friend.

  4. Whatever I was expecting, it was not that. Grim (but nice twist!)

  5. ahhh, man you never fail to be unpredictable, even when I think I know what’s going to happen, I know not to settle for that thought lol. Which is rare, and I love the sense of curiosity and questioning it brings up. And that takes a lot of skill to accomplish, without it being drawn out or exaggerated and noticeable. So anyway! Love your work, thanks for so many crazy reads, for me they’re amazing distractions from the world, and it’s my go to place when I need to escape for a bit. I wish you all the best, and hope you get the recognition you deserve. Much love ❤😊

    1. That was very stupid of me, I was not thinking before I typed, obviously it’s his last name, I didn’t remember what his username said just knew it could’ve been a name. But realized my stupidity after seeing and remembering his username, and obviously lobdell is his last name. I couldn’t go on without clearing that up lol.

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