I’m gonna tell you losers about the dream I had haha.

Gimme an M! Gimme an Adison! What’s that spell??? MADISON IS AWESOME!

Guys I’m having the most AMAAAAAAZING dreams lol. Ever since I put all the jars of Gaykev pieces in my room my dreams have been LIT! I say lit now it’s totes lit.

My dreams are usually normal like empty space and then stars going out and life all becoming all not lifey except for mushrooms lol. The stuff everyone dreams about, right?. But now it’s like…different? And better? And every night they get even MORE better.

Like last night I was tapping on Gaykev’s jars and his parts were all wriggling and flopping except his thing which was all sad and hanging on the bottom and not eating the fish food I gave it lol. But yeah then his lips moved and I didn’t hear anything but I still knew they were saying something like “Madison you’re so sexy and lit omg go to sleep and have dreams about the best stuff.”

Well how does a girl resist that, guys?

Btw guys my Dad got me the nicest pillow it’s stuffed with feathers from dead geese lol. No wonder Mom keeps him around.

But yeah I put my pretty blond head on that dead geese pillow and dreeeeeeeamed!

So you know how when Black God’s Queenies extinguish the stars (that sounds so dramatic omg lol) it makes a big black hole and sucks in stuff? Haha I bet Gina’s mouth was a black hole too bad she’s dead and I can’t tell her. Well thanks to my dreams now I know why black holes do what they do! Thanks Gaykev parts! Who knew all I needed to do was take him apart lol I wonder if that works with everyone else too.

But yeah black holes are SUUUUUPER interesting. Did you know black holes are literally EYES? Like they suck in LIGHT and use it to see through space? I DIDN’T KNOW THAT EITHER!

I got to use the black hole eyes and they showed me some great stuff like a whole big bunch of planets dying and aliens all screaming and trying to not get their babies to explode and it was hilarious they were all like “omg don’t kill my babies and the babies were all like ‘splat’” and the aliens were like “oh noooo my babies” lol and then the mushrooms came out obv but that’s not the coolest part even though it was real lit lolololol.

The LITTEST part was when I used the black hole in the middle of the Milky Way and used it to look at Earth and OH EM GEE.




Move over Gaykev and your parts in jars. I am in LOVE.

Okay. He’s a little older than me. Like seventeen. But that means he’s SO much more experienced right? Omg guys I’m still freaking out.

He does some of the most amazeballs stuff and he’s sooooo complicated. I think that’s really sexy in a man, if I do say so myself. Like his sister is so messed up. And he hangs out with this Black lady who’s like a superhero or something and she’s invisible to, like, everyone lol. Except him. AND ME!

I think I even feel a little bad for him because he looks so sad. I don’t think he has any parents and I prayed to Black God about it and He was all like “FEED ME THROUGH YOU TO TASTE WHAT YOU FEED THROUGH TASTING ME” and I was like oh right I never know what You mean lol.

Here’s the best part: WE LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN!

He goes to the high school and he’s a junior! I mean I’m in eighth grade but you all know I’m super mature for my age and I’ve got boobs like I’m in tenth grade so it all works out. It’s like math lol.

Did I ever tells you guys how much I love time travel? Like I know Black God can do it and I know His Queenies and some of the bulk navigators do it all the time but I think this boy does it too! I think he’s WAY older than seventeen. That’s super Daddy lololol. I won’t tell if you won’t.

But yeah I’m gonna go to the high school this week and be like “heyyyyy I’m Madison.” I’ll have Gaykev’s toes and eyes in my pocket for good luck because he’s the one who helped me find this boy and even though I don’t think I need luck I want to be lucky because it’s good to be lucky even though I always have good luck you know? Omg.

Guys do you think this cute boy is going to be the Daddy who’s gonna help me take care of little Katniss? My lil girly is so special and beautiful like she brushes little meat tubes against my window every night to let me know she’s out there doing an explore and getting to know the real world without being all stuffed up in a head.

I wanna cry she’s getting so big and I think she opened her first star hole the other day.

Anyway that dream was so good wasn’t it? I remember before Gaykev’s brain fell out that first time, we were watching Aladdin and they were singing that “I can show you the world” song and I was like “I want Kevin to show me the world” and then all this time later he DID show me the world and he showed me a REALLY CUTE BOY THAT I LOVE.

Btw speaking of Disney in Frozen I think Elsa’s really a brunette who dyes her hair and Anna’s prettier anyway so maybe Elsa should just get a job at a snow cone factory or something lol.

Okay gays I’m gonna go and start trying on my sexiest clothes for when I go to the high school and talk to my new boyfriend. He’s totally my new boyfriend btw lol he just doesn’t know it. He’s allllll mine lololololol. I can just see our wedding invitation now. Dear losers, come bring presents to the marriage of the two sexiest people in the world – Madison and James.

Omg I love him.