Guuuuuuuys I’m saaaaaaaad 🙁

So, um, remember when I told you about the baby I’m gonna have? Me too, lol. It’s gonna be so great. Oh but yeah that’s not why I’m sad.

You know how my parents aren’t really ever around and stuff? Yeah, it turns out they like…stopped living? Like a while ago? And I’ve been living with foster parents for like a year?

Haha no jk they’re fine but they’re on vacation lol. It’s cool they know how mature I am and let me be alone and watch my stupid brother even though my dumb sister got all dead and stuff. But yeah here’s why I’m sad. And no, it’s not poor gay Kevin (I call him Gaykev now.)

I promised my parents I’d go to church on Wednesday night and I did thank you very much. I walked all the way over there and went down all those flights of stairs and sat at mass for five hours until the Gift stopped bleeding. And breathing lol.

I told some of the other people at church about the baby but it seemed like they already knew about the baby and I was like um okay so why are you asking how I’m doing when you know I’m awesome because I’m having a baby that you already know about for some reason. Yuck. The Hierophant was nice and he gave me a hug once he washed all the Gift’s blood off his hands haha I said I didn’t mind but he wanted to be polite because I have really pretty hair.

Anyway yesterday I went to talk to Gaykev about the baby and see if he wants to make out or something just to practice because boys have mouths not too different from girls. Not as pretty as mine though lol. Don’t send me more messages pervs.

So Gaykev’s brain is getting a little better so he drooled pretty intelligently for someone with a lot of missing brain and said something like “ummmmmmmmmmfffff” when I asked about being a daddy so I took that as a yes and started kissing him. Did you know that drool taste like a mouth? I guess it kinda makes sense but I never really thought about it but yeah drool is all mouthy.

But guys here’s why I’m sad: I think Gaykev stayed gay because he didn’t really get into it except to drool a lot more. He didn’t say ANYTHING about wanting to be Katniss’s daddy. I didn’t want anyone to think I got rejected so I just pushed him away and said not to touch me anymore. No one noticed. It was nice.

But I’m still sad. I don’t want Katniss to grow up without a daddy in her life. Sure, that gray man who put Katniss up me is technically her dad and there’s always Black God and even my dumb aunt is all about this Bill Lemarie or something guy but it’s not the same.

Gaykev is such daddy material. Unf.

Btw my aunt is REALLY annoying. I get it – my uncle was sad and had to go out on a boat and die all slow and stuff. But h*ck, Aunt Lisa, why do you have to be all dramatic about it? Like, we have Gaykevs for that type of thing. There’s really nothing artsy about what you do so how about like you just stop being so drama llamay and just move on lol. It’s so not attractive, like, you’ll never get another uncle for me that way.

Yeah Katniss is kinda pushing at the inside of my eyes now which is kinda cute but tickles a lot and makes stuff blurry for a little while. It’s like looking into a glass that’s filled with corn syrup or Gaykev drool or something not that I ever collected it and drank it haha.

So yeah one more interesting thing that you’re gonna read because you think I’m sweet and adorbs. The Hierophant was at my doorstep first thing this morning when I went out to go to school OMG HOLD ON

Guys I totally realized while I was writing this that I hadn’t fed Tommy since my parents left and, like, UGH WHY IS IT SO EASY TO ACCIDENTALLY KILL LITTLE KIDS SO ANNOYING.

So the Hierophant was there and he touched my forehead in front of where little Katniss was sleeping and then asked me to take a bite out of something that was kinda cold and meaty and had veins in it. But I felt pretty good after.

Ok I have to go do something about Tommy or else I’m going to get in a lot of trouble. But I’m not sad anymore now that I got all this out. I’ll ttyl losers haha no you’re not really losers except for all of you who totally are.