Are My Twins Spending Too Much Time Together?

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Hi Moms! My twin girls, Siobhan and Sharyn, are spending a LOT of time together. They’ve always been close, but it seems like they’ve really gravitated toward one another since they started getting their grown-up teeth. I tried looking to see if Dr. Wheeler’s website had any info about this and there wasn’t much. Does anyone else have experience with this?

Hi Moms! I wrote the other day about my little Siobahn and Sharyn who’ve been spending what I feel is too much time together. I think it’s gotten worse. Now they cry when I separate them. I don’t want to make my girls upset, but they even insist on sleeping in the same bed and going to the bathroom together. I homeschool, of course — I’ve read too many scary stories about vaccines and vaccine reactions that make me want nothing to do with vaxxer kids — but I’m worried that’s making them get more dependent on one another since they’re in the house all day.

By the way, I want to thank the Mommy who replied last time with the recommendation to use that special root extract on the girls’ loose teeth. I was able to find the root in the backyard and it’s helped with the inflammation and pain.

Hey fellow Moms – it’s the old lady who was worried about her twins being codependent. Well, they’re still inseparable but they’re less moody about it. No crying or screaming or anything. I was racking my brain to figure out why they were like that in the first place, and I was thinking it was because their stupid deadbeat dad walked out on them. Does that make sense?

I’m still using the root extract on their gums and they haven’t complained about loose tooth pain in a while, so I really do recommend it to everyone. God knows it’s worth a try, since it’s natural and won’t cause anything like autism or any of the other vaccine reactions.

As sort of an aside, do any of you other Mommys see angels? Haha I know it sounds silly, but my guardian angel watches over me and my girls. He’s beautiful.

Wow that last one got a lot of attention! Don’t worry Moms! I want to address the concern of Mommy_32114 directly: I promise he’s a good angel. All he does it tell me about things that’ll help with the girls or make me feel better when I’m sad or reveals the natural stuff in the yard or forest. He’s more like a New Testament angel than a vengeful Old Testament one, haha.

Back on the topic of the twins: the girls are the same. I gotta admit, it was pretty cute this morning when I walked in on the girls sleeping and Sharyn had her mouth open and Siobhan had her lips in there like she was a bird. They’ve never done that before. I’ll try to take a picture next time if I find them like that again.

Now when this Mommy makes a promise, she delivers!


Look how cute they are! (Sorry about the messy bedroom.) That time it was Sharyn’s lips in Siobhan’s mouth while they slept. They cried when I woke them up and both their gums were bleeding a little this morning, so I made a point to dig up some more of that root to soothe them.

It just occurred to me today, but does anyone know if that root extract interacts with the ingredients with the Flower Power, Immune Boost, and Brain Master supplements that Dr. Wheeler sells on his website? I’ve been giving the girls triple doses of those three for the last two years to give them a leg up on all the kids in public school. It’s bad enough the tests are biased toward the kids who get indoctrinated in those factory schools — I don’t want my girls to fall behind. The deck’s stacked against all us woke Mommies lol.

I’m gonna go give the girls a bath. They’re super sticky for some reason. I bet they got into the sweets again.

Okay Moms, I don’t want to sound like one of those Bible thumper ladies but I really want to talk to you about angels. I think it’s SO IMPORTANT that you all believe in them. Without my guardian angel, I would have no support in this world. It’s a really dark place. My girls are good, don’t get me wrong, but they’re still babies. They don’t know anything.

My angel visited me overnight and helped me feel like a woman again. You know what I mean. And I’m sorry if that’s smutty to some of you. I don’t mean to cause any offense.

Afterward, he told me about how I needed to nurture my girls even more. I’d been neglecting their care, even when I thought I was doing my best. With my angel watching over me and making sure I didn’t do anything wrong, I took out the rest of their baby teeth. I gave them extra big doses of Dr. Wheeler’s supplements and gave them pieces of root to chew.

They never cried and they never protested. They just sat on the kitchen chairs and stared at each other, holding hands. They hold hands all the time now. I barely notice them sleeping with their lips in each others’ mouths anymore. I need to find a lock for the sweets cabinet, though, because they’re always sticky.

Wow I got a lot of private messages from you folks overnight! Don’t worry! Seriously! My girls are just fine and my angel is there all the time now so it’s like there’s a daddy in the picture again. No, the girls can’t see him, but he talks through me. He’s so supportive.

There’s one problem I want to talk about, so I hope some of you ruder Moms keep your opinions to yourself and let the helpful ones offer advice.

You know how the girls are sleeping with their mouths sort of inside one another? It was hard to get them apart today. It was like something was connecting them. And when I saw inside their mouths, it was like there were these red strings connecting them at the holes in their gums.

The strings came apart pretty easy and there was a little blood, but they seem no worse for wear, aside from their stickiness. Even after I give them their baths, they’re still so sticky. It’s not bad when I touch them or when I take off their clothes, but when they hold hands it’s darn near impossible to pull them apart without leaving bruises.

I know there’s a few Moms here who’ve vaccinated their kids before they knew about all the bad vaccine reactions, so I need to ask: did any of these things happen to your children? I’ve heard vaccines can travel through the air sometimes and I’m really scared the girls might’ve picked something up when we went to the store.

Problem solved, Moms! Everything! Boy oh boy, this has been a whole big to-do over nothing.

First of all, I want to offer a big THANK YOU to all the Moms who helped me out over these last couple weeks. Thank you for not judging me and thank you for understanding what I was going through.

So here’s your last update: It had NOTHING to do with bad vaccine reactions from the airborne vaccinations. I wish I hadn’t gotten that in my head over the last few days, but at least it’s been eliminated as a possibility. Here’s the thing – there was never anything wrong with the girls in the first place.

When my angel told me this this morning, it took some time for me to be convinced. But it made so much sense once it sunk in.

Remember, my girls are twins. They came from the same egg and everything. And that egg came from me, their loving Mommy. Well, it was divine intervention that I used all those supplements from Dr. Wheeler and the root from the yard. It’s all helping bring my girls together. Really together, just like they were before they were born.

I’ve stopped pulling them apart. They’re still in bed, but they’re wide awake and they’ve got big smiles, even though their mouths are wide open. Those red strings have gotten thicker and darker and have little veins running through them. I don’t think I could pull them apart if I wanted to.

They’re meant to be back together. Joined. That right combination of natural supplements is what did it. Sharyn and Siobhan are gonna be one big girl, not two little ones. I think twins are just another thing that nature didn’t intend to happen, and now it’s all getting fixed.

Even now, I can hear the sound of them combining in the other room. There was a weird wet sound about an hour ago that spooked me, but when I ran in to see what was happening, it was just their soft little bellies opening up and the parts inside joining together. I’m not looking forward to cleaning that bedspread when they’re done haha, but I’m so excited my girls are growing up right.

It’s one of those things that makes a Mommy proud.


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  1. Vae Vobis says:

    Glad my boys are fraternal twins, guess I don’t have to worry about them cohering.

  2. …..whoa…..

  3. HolyIrony says:

    Yeah, I’ve been to quite a few Antivaxxer Moms forums, and… this is about average for them.

  4. I don’t know why, but when I read stories like this, it always makes me think they are somehow connected to the runner series…

    Is it?

  5. Larg3s3ktor says:

    Theyre pulling a vegito-style fusion

  6. Hi yeah what the actual hell… great story

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