Um can any of you guys tell me what’s wrong with my stupid sister?

I know it’s probably silly to ask but since there’s a lot of people here maybe someone knows what’s up? I’m Madison, btw.

But yeah Gina (that’s my sister) is 11 and we just had a fight because she has a boyfriend and I told her she has to wait to have a boyfriend because I had to wait til I was 12 to have a boyfriend but I STILL don’t even have a boyfriend so she DEFINITELY can’t have a boyfriend. You know what I mean? Anyway we were yelling and then she stopped and made these sounds like she couldn’t breathe too good. She was fine after a couple minutes but now she’s just being weird.

I know I could call Mom and Dad but they’re away for the weekend. Mom finally let me babysit for Gina so I’m super worried she’ll get mad if Gina does something dumb like she’s doing now. That’s why I’m asking you nice people for help! 🙂

So anyway yeah Gina’s just staring at the ceiling. Like, totally staring. She hasn’t moved or anything and she’s standing in the middle of the living room like a dumb totem pole lol. I know that’s mean and Mom says I shouldn’t call her that just ‘cause she’s tall. But you can call her that if you want haha. Yeah she’s staring at the ceiling.

Just a couple minutes ago I told her I was sick of playing her dumb little kids game and tried to get her to move out of the living room. She didn’t budge. I know she’s tall for her age but she’s not heavy at all but I couldn’t move Gina even a little. I know I shouldn’t have but I started yelling at her again and called her a bunch of names and then I hit her but she still wouldn’t move.

That kinda scared me a little and it’s when I got the idea to ask you guys online. I’m in the living room typing on my phone so I can watch Gina while she’s still doing the same bullstuff. Like, I don’t know if she got cut with a nail and got lockjaw all over her body or something but now while I’m saying all this she’s making noises. Maybe that’s a good thing?

Hmm yeah Gina won’t shut up now and keeps saying weird stuff like God and faces and how the inside of faces taste like faces. Kinda gross right? Now she’s saying my name over and over and over. I HATE IT WHEN SHE SAYS MY NAME A LOT!!

Well I hit Gina again because I’m so mad at her for making me miss my tv show because I’m dealing with all this little girl garbage she’s doing. I know this is why Mom and Dad like me better. Especially Dad. I bet he wouldn’t care if Gina even died lol. No maybe he’d probably care a little.

Oh my God Gina will not shut up! Oh weird she just shut up lol. She’s crying hahah. I bet she finally noticed how mad she made me. But there’s something wrong with her tears they look almost yellow and sometimes darker. They’re thick too. I’m gonna go look closer.

Ew God they smell so gross and they’re all thick and pasty and I can hear them squeezing out of her gross eyes and she’s saying something about the taste of faces again. Anyway I’m going to post this online for you guys and you can tell me what’s wrong with her. I’ll let you know if anything else weird happens! Thx!

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