My sister found the coolest thing!

I don’t want to get her in trouble or anything because I know she doesn’t want to give it back, but I need to tell somebody. I swear, the thing Gina found is awesome. She’s super into urban exploration and since we’re in Detroit there’s a lot of abandoned places she gets to break into. Most of them are boring. Old mills and stuff. The other day, though, she managed to get into a hospital that closed back in the 60s. The place was boarded up real well but she’s such a good climber that she managed to get in around the 5th floor by breaking a window. I swear, she’s gonna fall one of these days.

She said the place was SO CREEPY. Like, horror movie creepy. She heard lots of strange sounds and even footsteps but she swore no one else was in the place. Gina wanted to turn around and get the hell out of there. She’s a hell of a lot braver than me because I would’ve bolted out as soon as I heard anything, lol. Well, she’s also got this really great flashlight that’s super bright and the batteries last FOREVER so I guess that makes it easier.

Anyway, there wasn’t much left in the place. She didn’t get to see the whole building and a lot of doors were locked, but there was one area that was wide open. It looked like people had been working to get equipment and stuff out before the hospital closed, but they left the biggest stuff. There was a big machine that’d been taken apart. Most of it was just junky looking but Gina said there was this one big metal container that had a super heavy lid. There was a little wheel thing inside. When she turned the dial, it opened up and there was this blue light inside.

Gina didn’t know what it was but she wanted to keep it because the light was so pretty. When she got home and showed me, it was sooooo beautiful. Like, it was clay or sand or something but it glowed a blue like I’d never seen before. Gina scraped most of it out of the wheel and it glowed all over her desk. I put some on my face like Indian face paint and we took a couple polaroids with Gina’s retro-ass camera. None of them came out right for some reason.

We showed Gram and she thought it was very pretty, too. Christina came over with little Tommy a couple hours later because I forgot I was babysitting him. We gave him a little to play with but he just kept putting it in his mouth so we took it away. When it got dark, Gina, Tommy, and I went outside with our faces and hands painted and showed the neighbors who all thought it was really neat. I laughed my ass off when Tommy smiled and his teeth were all glowy from when he’d put it in his mouth so I tried it too. It didn’t taste like much and it looked super cool.

Anyway, I’m about to go to bed. My stomach’s feeling a little off and my gums bled a little when I brushed my teeth. I hope I’m not getting the flu or something. I have the worst luck.

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